You acknowledge by completing the information below, you agree and understand that the appraisal fee is not contingent upon the final outcome, the final estimate of market value, approval of a mortgage loan, or approval of any loan.

You agree to pay the agreed amount on the invoice sent to you, and will NOT claim a Charge-Back with your credit card company after the appraisal report is completed. If you claim a charge-back to your credit card company, there will be an additional $500 charge to you once the matter is settled with your credit card company, regardless of whether you win or lose the dispute with the credit card company.

This payment is for a residential appraisal report being completed by Metrowide Appraisal Services Inc, regardless of whether or not your loan is funded.

You acknowledge that payment for the appraisal is for our professional services only, not a copy of an appraisal report.

This payment of appraisal fee you are completing is a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE.

You accept, understand and agree that this appraisal was requested by a Mortgage Broker / Mortgage Agent / Lender, or Private Lender, and that this appraisal is a professional service, and will consist of a completed appraisal report which will be sent to the Mortgage Broker / Mortgage Agent / Lender, or Private Lender who are our Client(s). It does not matter who pays for our appraisal service to complete an appraisal report.

Cardholder will pay issuer amount pursuant to cardholder agreement.