Professional Appraisal Fee Structure and Add-On’s for Appraisal Request Orders

 Please note: 

  • We use Appraisal Institute of Canada members only.
  • Our staff appraisers are registered members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada in good standing.
  • Our professional appraisal assignments are conducted on a Residential Basis only.
  • Homes over $1 million and/or under extensive renovations are subject to a separate quotation.
  • New Construction from blue prints are subject to a separate quotation. Please call our offices for this type of quote.
  • Our online ordering page provides fee estimates based on the outlined services.


Our Base Fees are as follows:

$425  –  Base Fee Downtown Toronto
$375  –  Stand Alone Market Rent
$375  –  Single Family Dwelling
$475  –  New Construction Subdivision Purchase
$600  –  Vacant Land
$700  –  New Infill Homes
$725  –  Duplex
$825  –  Triplex
$925  –  4-Plex


$250  –  State “Market Rent”
$100  –  Second Lender Copy when placing order
$175  –  Second Copy after file is closed
$375  –  Update with inspection
$300  –  Update with no inspection
$175  –  Redirection of Appraisal to a different lender


 All of the above fees are: 

  • Plus Taxes
  • Base Fees Only
  • Subject to Availability of the Appraiser
  • Subject to Complexity of Appraisal Assignment
  • Due to difficulty, the appraisal fee may be higher